What to LISTEN to + WATCH + READ this weekend 

Musical vibe for that weekend drive!

Maybe you are escaping town to that secret getaway, or maybe you are again at home for the 70th day in a row.  Either way, here are some things you might be interested in. I know these are some strange times. If we were living the movie “Inside Out’, those emotion balls would be ping-ponging around in our ‘headquarters' like a pinball machine. Im sure we have all experienced a rainbow of colors lately, from breakthroughs to meltdowns, this time at home is nothing but a full color spectrum (even for us chill AF folks).  The one way I have been able to control that rainbow of emotion is through listening to the right music at the right time, which is also life’s perpetual battle, isn’t it? 


This week, I want to focus on music that takes us around the world.  For discovering new music, my absolute favorite app is called Radiooooo.  It is simply amazing.  Pick a country on the world map, then pick a timeframe, and it will turn it into a radio station.  France in the 1920s, Jamaica in the 70s, Turkey in the 40s.  You catch my drift, limitless possibilities of raddness.  And if you are hip-as-shit and already onto it, you can now subscribe to premium and help support things that rule. https://radiooooo.com/

Speaking of rule, Here is a mix by a fellow Mt.Washington-ite, the legendary G.L.K.  This caravan mix will take you on a sonic journey around the world:https://www.mixcloud.com/TheGaslampKiller/the-gaslamp-killers-caravan-international-mix-part-1/ 

BEST FOR A LONG CAR RIDE:  True to this weeks theme, here is an eclectic set of music from around the world, all tied together with that subtle heartbeat-house beat.  Made by our good friends Shawna and Chris of KMLN: https://soundcloud.com/goldcap/the-goldcast-020-may-15-2020-with-guestmix-by-kmln 

Lately Beau, the other half of Jungle Tribe has put down the jungle records and has recorded a softer side of his listening tastes. Cause lets face it, we all crave a little softer music at the moment.  There are a bunch of new mixes here: https://soundcloud.com/dust-n-beau 


While everyone is watching the Jordan documentary, I highly recommend In Search of Greatness.  Jerry Rice, Wayne Gretzky, and Brazilian Pele are interviewed.   They all used creativity in sports to excel, overcoming all odds:https://www.insearchofgreatness.com/ 


The Artist’s Way 

During quarantine I am sure that we have all struggled with being hard on ourselves for not making the best use of our time.  It seems like all the people around me who have read it, even up with some long lasting good habits.  It comes with a Journal to write in every morning, which is meant to be a ‘strictly stream-of-consciousness, which provoke, clarify, comfort, cajole, prioritize, and synchronize the day at hand.’  It also has you schedule an artist date for yourself, which is a set scheduled time to get creative.  This is a must in my opinion, otherwise weeks, month, years go by, as we get vortex’d by everyday life.  


We want to say thank you to every single one of you who have supported us throughout the years!  Through your purchases, we have donated money to an orphanage, continue to donate money monthly to sponsor food and supplies to families who need it most in Bali, Indonesia and have donated face masks.  Without your support, this would not be possible.  So thank you for helping us to help others!

Many of you know that we use the platform etsy.com to sell our goods.  They now offset 100% of carbon emissions on items shipped. They are the first major online shopping destination to offer such a thing.  We think that’s pretty cool, so we are offering free international shipping until the end of the month.  All shipping companies are busier than Christmas right now, so even if your package might take a bit longer to arrive, at least it was free.  If you combine that with over 160 items on sale this weekend only, you might score yourself a super sweet deal.  Have a great weekend everyone!

We are all in this together-alone. 

Dust of Jungle Tribe& dustandbeau.shop