About - Jungle Tribe


It is really difficult to look back on the last 10 years and describe how it really all began...

If I said that the evolution of Jungle Tribe began with two identical twin bros named Dust and Beau at the age of 5 years old making leather and beaded bracelets to sell, you might think that I am crazy. Getting lost in the details, I could tell you about the shave ice business that we had, the jewelry business, as well as life on the road selling at festivals. At one point we followed the Warped tour selling punk rock bracelets traveling between cities with back to back dates, which meant the occasional bird bath shower in a 7-11 bathroom. We spent 10 glorious years making leather accessories in dark hot basements listening to drum and bass, and basically living out of storage units 'living on prayer', constantly making things so that we had enough stock to fuel the growing Jungle Tribe booth. Shambhala music festival in Canada eventually became the main event, a place where are all our wildest ideas and creations could be unleashed onto our kind of people. The wilder our style became, the better it was received.
By that point we were seasoned festival goers and we knew exactly what we needed to have strapped on us so that we could have hands free to manage the booth. After several years of making hip belts and pocket contraptions, the blaster bag was born.
We always had a passion for functionality in our products. In the down season of the festival life and living out of a workspace and working on the floor, I came up with the original pattern for the basting bag. Years in the making, it was quite easy to blast off all of the ideas that had been building in my head.
As glamourous as all of this life on the road sounds, we were starting to burn out of the festival lifestyle. We were really excited to start selling online in 2008 and started making moves to stop doing festivals. Now you can find our products exclusively on etsy and occasionally at the odd store. Our roots will always remain in festival culture and it made us who were are today, but instead of working at them we simply enjoy attending them.